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Install Trail Cam Visor as low as possible to the top of the camera. (For best results)


Use the strap included to mount Trail Cam Visor to a tree, post, log, pipe, etc.


Use the two inside slots located on the back flange for bolting the Trail Cam Visor to a flat surface, such as a square post, camera mounting plate, tripod plate, etc.


Drill holes through visor, if the two inside slots on the back flange do not line up with your desired mounting application.

Be sure when mounting your Trail Cam Visor, drill between the two inside slots on the back flange. If this is not done, tightening the screws or bolts will distort the visor causing the Trail Cam Visor not to drain properly.


Disclaimer: Trail Cam Visor is designed to enhance the clarity of pictures taken and protect the camera that it is properly mounted over, but is not 100% effective against all Mother Nature has to offer.

Trail Cam Visor Mounting